Promotional Clothing

As a potential customer, you might ask the question, why do I need to spend money to promote my organisation? Why not stick to more traditional means of advertising?

Just look around you and see how many people are wearing printed or embroidered garments which are promoting a business or a service.

The reason that this form of promotion has gained such popularity in the last decade, in particular, is because it WORKS.

For years, basic t-shirts have been an accepted form of advertising for charities, products and events. Still, there was a growing realisation that this was a relatively cheap method for promoting many other activities.

This, in turn, led to the conclusion that this medium could be utilised for just about any set-up, large or small, and this, in turn, has brought about a demand for a much wider range of increasingly sophisticated styles of garments such as polo’s, sweatshirts, jackets, fleeces and workwear to be made available for decoration.

Red Rob Promotions has always tried to keep pace with the ever-increasing available styles to try and suit all requirements, not only for promotion but also to give employees a professional look. Browse our catalogue, and you will see what is probably the most comprehensive range of promotional garments offered in the UK.

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